Google AI can predict when a patient is about to die: Report

New Delhi:

Google's artificial intelligence will no more be limited to just driverless cars –soon it might be able to predict when a patient is about to die.

As per a report in the Bloomberg, Google's Medical Brain team is using new type of algorithm backed by artificial intelligence that can predict death among hospital patients.

Using the example of a woman suffering from late-stage breast cancer, the report said that she came to a city hospital, which predicted a 9.3 percent chance of her death during her stay at the hospital. In contrast, the Google AI assessed her her death risk at 19.9 percent.

It seemed that Google's predictions were more accurate as the woman passed away soonafter.

“What impressed medical experts most was Google’s ability to sift through data previously out of reach: notes buried in PDFs or scribbled on old charts. The neural net gobbled up all this unruly information then spat out predictions. And it did it far faster and more accurately than existing techniques. Google’s system even showed which records led it to conclusions,” Bloomberg wrote.

Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai last week announced several product and platform announcements that have Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology embedded in them and are powered by its AI assistant Google Assistant.

Google has been using AI to make it easier for specially-abled people to communicate through Morse code technology. Google AI can now write words depending on the Morse code input.

Google's implementation will replace the keyboard with two areas for short and long signals and users can use multiple word suggestions above the keyboard just like on the normal keyboard.

The company has also created a Morse poster so as to learn Morse code more easily. Google is adding morse code input to its mobile keyboard.

It also added AI capabilities in Photos, Gmail and Google Assistant which is now present in nearly every consumer-centric device.