Today police party  of P S Akhnoor was on patrolling duty at about 2030 hrs.

AKHNOOR:.when reached at Sohal , found one person carrying  bag suddenly changed his direction and tried to run away after noticing the police party . He was chased and nabbed by police party . During search of said bag 20 bottles of JK Special  Whiskey were recovered from his bag. During the querry  he disclose his name  Om prakash @Kaka S/O Ambu Ram R/O Nud tehsil Akhnoor. The said person was carrying the liquior for selling and made undue profit. . As the 20 bottles of JK special Whiskey qs recovered from his procession , the said the person did the contravention of 48 a Excise Act  in this regard case FIR no  63/2021 U/S 48 a Excise act has been registered in PS Akhnoor.