To protest BJP government’s regressive mindset, news anchor in Haryana wears veil to read bulletin

Mumbai:Video of an anchor working for Haryana-based TV channel wearing veil while reading news has gone viral.

Pratima Dutta from STV Haryana News wore veil while reading her news bulletin on 29 June to protest the state’s BJP government’s diktat asking women to hide their face behind a veil.
She started her news bulletin with her face covered saying that her action was in protest against the state government’s journal asking women in Haryana to cover their faces.
Dutta told Janta Ka Reporter, “It was a protest against the state government’s diktat forcing us to wear ghoonghat. I was shocked when I read in the state government’s journal describing ghoonghat as the identity of the state. It was outrageous to say the least and reflected the government’s regressive mindset given the same government has been leading the campaign on Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. What’s the use of this campaign on girl child’s empowerment when all the state government wants is ghoonghat on our faces.”
A photo caption in a Haryana government magazine describing ‘ghoonghat’ (veil) as the “identity of the State” had sparked a controversy, with the opposition saying it reflected the “regressive” mindset of the BJP government.
The recent issue of Krishi Samvad, a supplement of the Haryana Samvad magazine, a monthly magazine published by the State government, carried a photograph of a veiled woman.
The woman’s face can be seen covered with a ‘ghoongat’.
The woman was seen carrying cattle feed on her head, even as the caption reads: “Ghoongat ki aan-baan, mahra Haryana ki pechchan (pride of the veil is the identity of my Haryana”.